Friday 10 July 2009

Ohhhh Lookie what's new!

I am loving these new minis just pressed today and sitting here waiting to post out to you on Monday.

I am not sure if this is a letterbox or a birdhouse, but I just love it loads!!! And all the little birdies are pretty eccentric, but that fits the PaperArtsy family perfectly! This is going to be my favourite stamp this month!! Code SM26

Also we have a cheeky pussy cat, the cat's got the cream here!! SM25

The footprint and the words can be trimmed away from the main design so that you get 3 stamps from one little mini. Great value for money, and of course these are ready for you on EZ mount, and you get a laminated index sheet to store them on.

Next up is a squiggly windmill. I think the 'paddles' that what they are called??? or is that only when they go through the water..... blades??? sails???...(the bits wot go round and round!!) will look fabulous in metal with a few of the holes punches out!!! This windmill is called SM24

And to complete the set is the wonderful lighthouse. SM23. Those stripes are just demanding to be coloured in.

All of these make nice additions to a corner of your holiday journal pages, postcards home, or use them on a summer BBQ invite!!

We pressed all these stamps today, so tomorrow I shall have to make a few samples I think.

We also have new metal Dijon (mustard colour - in real life it is much more yellow-ochre, in the picture it looks too tan), and Mocha (coffee colour, light beige) , so if you haven;t played with those yet get some now! All of these minis will look great stamped onto metal and embossed with a teflon tool. Make a tape sandwich of metal, humungo and card stock, trim out and put onto a card, tag or project. Fabulous fun!

So let us know what you think with a comment, we love hearing from you so don't be shy. If you talk to me it lets me know people are out there and interested in what we do!

Are you on twitter yet? Come a be a twit with me. You can follow me @PaperArtsy ...and see what we do at PA world HQ....occasionally I post pictures (twitpics!) the whole twitty lingo cracks me up, and it is fun to follow other people and see what their daily lives are like. It helps me gt through tedious jobs, and it is fun to see what people are up to in thier crafty lives too. Twitter can seem a bit weirdo to start with but it's just like texting in bulk. Mark thought it was silly initially, but now he's watching twitter about 3 times a day....have you tweeted yet? Its way easier than blogging.

This weekend I have 2 more painting to "integrate", I need to try beeswax on the next layer and make the new mini samples...I hear we are expecting rain....perfect creativity weather!



Trish said...

I love your stamps, and these new ones are adorable! I agree, the windmill blades (things) will look great in metal! Good excuse to buy the stamp and the metal... :)
I have just booked the ArtsyCraft weekend in October and can't wait!

joanne wardle said...

I haven't tweeted yet!
love love love the new stamps, I know what I'll be asking for in my next DT package!
(and I posted some stuff to you today)

Isabelle Norris said...

Those are fantastic !!! love them!

Laura said...

Great stamps. Particularly like the birdhouse and lighthouse. I agree with you. Don't mind if it rains as I can go and play and not feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

Love the new stamps, especcially the birds. Such a happy family, I guess they are twittering along.

Lynne said...

Love the new stamps especially the windmill - I'm sure I need that one!

Anonymous said...

love the bird house. Its a must have!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leandra:
It's me -- Sally in France! Just popped into your blog to check things out, and found the new beauties -- will have to order them soon!!! Lovely, and so much fun -- they all bring smiles to my face. Thanks so much, once again, for super stuff.
Talk to you soon -- Sally xx