Friday 3 July 2009

Doolally Days

Every year I think that I need to be more prepared for the madness that is end of the final school term, but every year I forget. On top of that there are other mundane issues that I also forgot...because why would you want to remember to do stuff like....

  • taking both cars to the garage for MOT - one needs follow up care in order to pass the test
  • defrosting the mini fridge...and then I plugged it back in and it blew up (another appliance bites the dust - remember it was the washing machine lat month!), new fridge on order....(ripples of excitement over this!)
  • Millie heads to the big school, this means more school uniform, sorted that last night.... (don't understand why crap msynthetic blazars are so expensive....),
  • Car tax - yay can do that online,
Then we had slightly more fun things like:
  • foot ball tournament in 30 degree weather....5 games to watch, was glad they just missied out on the final by the end of 8 hrs in the baking sun
  • Sports Day at the Primary school...why do all the dads look about 18 these days?
  • Induction Days x 2 for Millie at the big school...
  • Haircuts for kids who were supposed to have them last holidays but their mother keeps forgetting
  • Courtney at work experience for these 2 weeks....trip to Lakeside for a wardrobe that can be summer beach and smark work...very tricky brief- but a couple of floaty dresses and a pair of knickerbockers (remember those from the 80's!!!) did the trick....and a handbag...
  • Parent Teacher meetings...Millie passed all the yr 6 SAT's with Level 5's...not only is she sporty but brainy...and a nice did we do that???
Coming up we have 3 more school trips, youth group trips, and Mark and I are still discussing who gets to go to Chessington for the day with the Year 6 munchkins.....i went last year, so i guess it must be his turn.

Our house will be invaded soon with builders putting in new windows....the landlord finally agreed the towels on every window sill (muchos leaks), and curtains blowing in the wind was justification for a whole house job....just need to convince him about the kicthen and bathroom now! LOL

Vistors from NZ are coming en mass this year starting in 2 weeks when the builders are in, and finishing at Xmas! Friends x 2 sets, family x 2 sets, sister x 1, neice x 1, mother x 1 Among this we are hopefult to fit a week in Brussels with Taz and Baz (kiwi buddies from WAAAAAAAY back), and a week in Wales with other kiwis over here for Aug/September. Plus over the summer we have 3 kids birthdays and mine.

Have just realised my summer doesn't seem that relaxing does it! LOL hoping the weather holds though. I love these hot 30 degree days, they are fab! Not so good for pressing rubber, but for everything else (except football!!) they are perfect! We are reluctant to put up the pool, every year when we do that the weather turns rubbish....

So we are now in design mode to get new stamps ready for September through to February...It's all planned, just have to DO IT!!! We have a few surprises up our sleeves (again too...but my lips are sealed for now)

I have got all the pictures of the wooden earrings done with ferro, precious metal colour and copper findings done, so will blog those after I get through today's list! Here's a sneaky peek.

Oh and the kittens are growing like mad...they are much easier to look after than I imagined.



Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I totally empathise ...where does the time go!?
Your summer sounds like back to back BBQ's, birthday cakes and trips to and from the airport lol

Loving the look of these earrings.

Laura said...

Hey your life sounds like mine. Mot, Car tax, school holidays, broken fridge.
Earrings look fun.

Anonymous said...

Your summer sounds like one big party to me and those earrings will suit your party dress.

SUE said...

Reading all that I am sorry to say I'm glad my kids are grown up now - still gave lots of fond (?) memories - lol ....