Wednesday, 24 June 2009

And now for something totally different....

...I have been doing an online class with Suziblu, and last week we learned how to sketch know the kind we have been seeing for a few years in Cloth Paper scissors that Misty Mawn and DJ Pettit et al seem to create with the heads off to one side.

Well Suziblu has been doing this sort of thing as utube vids, and she is such a hoot to watch that you really get sucked in. I came across her weekly videos last summer, but you should go and take a look. Suzi has online classes that you can take, and the one I'm doing is about drawing faces, colouring them in, then creating a mixed media background around them.

These are some of the faces I sketched last week....and here are a couple that I learned how to colour in this week.

The chicky babe with the striped hat has a dodgy left eye that is slightly in the wrong place, and smaller than the right one...probably something to do with me colouring her in at 1 am when I should have been in bed!!

The next one has nice coloured eyes, but we think she looks a bit masculine...her chin is a bit too pointy I least I can see where I need to improve.

The little pirate was an experiment in masculine and stubble...looks like he was also up all night!

Anyway, just thought I's share with you a snippet of what I have been doing the last few weeks in my spare time.


joanne wardle said...

ooo I love these, they would make great stamps

Sue said...

You beat me to it Joanne, I was thinking the same thing!!!

SUE said...

I did the Suzi Blu class last summer. My girls were positively demonic - whatever time of the day or night (or like you early hours) I did them - lol. That said - I think they're great ....

Paula said...

I love this simple yet funky look of drawn faces.

Sarah Anderson said...

these are fab, love them, look forward to them appearing as stamps ;)

Suze said...

they are absolutely marvelous...just like YOU...the REAL chicky babe!
Miss you....really do.

Tristan Robin said...

very very cool - lovin' the pirate stubble!

kjjc said...

oooo yes please lets have em as stamps

tanya watts said...

cool faces! addictive too! started on wood yet? oh wait till you do lol

i just signed up for het portrait class, moving on to more realistic faces now, looking forward to that!

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