Wednesday 20 December 2017

2017 #19 Fave Things: Christmas stocking & Ornaments with ETS {by Lauren Hatwell}

2017 Topic 19: My Favourite Things

Bright and bold from Lauren with Tracy Scott elements and Zinski treats - those adorable little people sneak into Lauren's stocking!

Hi everybody. I hope you're all nearly there with your Christmas preparations. It's a busy time isn't it; especially for us PaperArtsy Elves!  So much to do; so little time....

I have so many favourite things we'd be here all day if I listed them but here are just a few.

I think by now you all know I love anything fun. Christmas is the best time for breaking out the fun stuff, so I thought I would make a Christmas Stocking using some of Tracey Scott's latest designs, which are very high on my list of favourite things... In fact, I love them so much, once I started, I couldn't stop.... Stars are one of my favourite things so you'll notice they are heavily used here. (Ironing NOT one of my favourite things so my apologies for the slightly crumpled nature of the backing felt...)

I'm always amazed at how easy it is to stamp and paint fabric. When you add the stitching everything pops. It doesn't even have to be neat stitching (thank goodness!?)

 Eclectica³ Tracy Scott Set 12 (ETS12)
Eclectica³ Tracy Scott Set 13 (ETS13)

My favourite sorts of stamps are those that are versatile enough to be used together in groups, or separately. These can even be used as little accents with other collections and that just makes them so much more appealing and useful. These are not going to spend much time in their packets; that's for darned sure...

I love anything that stretches the ways I can use my stamps. Home decor is a real passion of mine and if I can recycle or re-purpose something so much the better. My favourite products are multi-taskers and Fresco Finish Paints are most certainly on my list of favourites there. The paints can be used on card, fabric and even outdoors on porous AND non-porous surfaces. They are true multi-taskers and that means they are usually just what I need for whatever hair brained scheme I come up with. Perfect!

Even one star on it's own makes an amazing magic (oh yes it IS magic!) Fairy wand.....

ZinskiArt Set 17 (ZA17)

Or a beautiful accent on my little Zinski Elf (another fave! but you knew that already, right!?)

Don't they look cute poking out the top of the stocking. A little candy cane would look good tucked in there too. 

Obviously I needed a card to go with this little gift.... Large sentiment stamps can drown out a small image so Tracey's big bold designs really stand up to the very striking Ranger sentiment I've used here. All my pieces are merry and bright so it seemed to fit perfectly. The bright baubles and stars strewn across the card really shine. I love them!

Another of my favourite things ticked off the very long list; a whole heap of projects from just two stamp sets using a few scraps of fabric, a bit of imagination and my favourite designs and paints. I think they look great and I enjoyed myself no end. 

I love making all kinds of things and I want to make a star garland next with these stamps.  (I will probably do this over the Christmas break if I get some time. Now it's in my head, it's got to be done!).  

So all that leaves for me to do is wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and thank all the PaperArtsy gang for their hard work and imagination. But for that we would all have nothing to play with would we.

Thanks for your time and encouragement everybody. I'm so looking forward to seeing you all again in the New Year when we'll have even MORE fun stuff to tempt you. Just WAIT 'til you see!!!!  

Health and Happiness to you all.

Lauren Hatwell

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Ohh these are beautifully finished Lauren! Everyone needs a cheeky elf like him hiding somewhere in their Christmas tree!!Merry Christmas! ~ Leandra

As this is the final topic of the year, there is not a challenge as we know you are all super busy, so sit back, enjoy and be inspired.

Season's Greetings and best wishes to you all from all of us here at PaperArtsy 


Helen said...

Loving the stocking with those stars and circles - fantastic idea ! the card is gorgeous and so to the Elf... Have a great Christmas!

Kirsten said...

I love all of these, they're gorgeous!

Corrie Herriman said...

How cute is that ! Fantastic !
Corrie x

Miriam said...

These are wonderful Lauren - totally adore them!

Clare Lloyd said...

Gorgeous projects.

lbwright22-loopylou said...

fantastic projects! Wow I love your work. Great the way you have used colours which really po- just what you want this time of year :-)

Hazel Agnew said... Lauren.......never! 😬 Absolutely love the fun and joy that you have put into your creations. They are now my faves too!
Wonderful colours and they make me smile. Happy Christmas to you too Lauren! Xx 🎅🏻

Artmadnana said...

Oh I do love what you've made here Lauren. These are great fun and absolutely my cup of tea! Brilliant on fabric and lovely bright colours. Christmas done well!

Kathyk said...

OH WOW! These are triffik Lauren Hatwell ... some really clever ideas beautifully executed - I love that elf set particularly


Keren Baker said...

Oh I adore these. Can you put them in a Etsy store- I’d like a set?! x

Darcy Marshall said...

So fabulous!

heARTistry said...

This is just so fabulous Lauren
Looooove it all

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! Jawdroppingly(is that a word?) fabulous Lauren! Is there no end to your talents!? Chrisx

SewPaperPaint said...

What a riot! This is such a fun and incredible use of these images. I just love your amazing stitched detail, especially the wand. Soooo fun! One year I made every child a hand sewn gift, aprons for the girls and capes for the boys. <3 Merry Christmas, Autumn

ionabunny said...

Fantastic. Love this. Hugz

Kate Yetter said...

This is AMAZING! I have never thought to make something like this with stamps but I adore it. Thank you for the inspiration.

Art By Wanda said...

What fun!!! Love your stocking!!!

craftimamma said...

Fab fun projects Lauren! The little elf with his star hat is so cute and I love the magic wand.

Lesley Xx

Suzanne C said...

Wow! That is so cool!

Unknown said...

How cuuuuute is that!!! Never think of painting fabric and make a 3d piece... need to give it a go! Xxx

Ruth said...

Love this’s fantastically adorable, what a cute ‘elf’ to peer out at you. Brilliant as always Lauren! xx

Karen said...

Ridiculously good ideA!LOVE THIS PROJECT!