Saturday 2 September 2017

2017 #12 Hybrid Inks: with Hot Picks {by Ellie Knol}

2017 Topic 12: Hybrid Inks

I'm so glad that Ellie has experimented with gelli prints with oxide inks for this topic. I have done a few tests myself, so it is great to see plenty more variations on the concept. You do have to watch how you use water, but you can get some really fantastic results! As Ellie shares so wonderfully in this post!

Hi everyone, it's Ellie Knol again here with you today, and I'd like to share with you the making of beautiful backgrounds with Distress Oxide Inks, yes on a gelliplate! 

I think you might know by now that I LOVE to make monoprints.. (mono means one, so one print on the paper only; no layered printing).  Especially with inks on the gelliplate, you can create transparent backgrounds. 

I tried to use the Oxide inks differently to other artists.. different even from how Tim uses them ... Of course I made a whole bunch of backgrounds, but for the sake of them all being in one blogpost, I tended to pick the ones with the same color scheme to finish off as cards. 

The close-up above has been made from this background, the monoprint from a round gelliplate and distress oxide inks! 

I learned from this one that if you don't wet the paper before pulling a print, you might end up with a dotty like background, which is nice also!

I used stamps from the sets HP1005 and HP1501 and the PS021 numbers stencil.
This is the finished (first) card:

BUT wait,, it's got a little sister card! 
WHY? After applying the ink to the plate, you use a brayer to blend it a little, right? 
That ink... you can wipe it off the brayer with a cloth....or ....use it! 
That's what I did and created a second background... and then it still had some drops of color as I misted it with water, so I created a third background: 

NOW, onto the second project: I'll mention details only when I did it differently to the first project.

I misted the paper before pulling the print. I used the leftover ink on the gelliplate to stamp with. Benefit of this is that you can't go wrong in choosing a color that will fit the print. 
LOVE this !!

I used stamps from the set HP1501 on this project.

I chose to keep this one simple, just some brown background stamping with a script and the 'No 1'  stamp. I used a white acrylic marker to accentuate the pattern and stamping. 

AND as with the first project, this second card also has a brayer-cleanup little sister: 

SO, now onto project number three...

I took some color away from the petals, and added white accents with an acrylic marker! 
Note that I stamped the bubbles in a later stage, when I had some leftover different colors (like purple) ink on the plate . 

I used stamps from the sets HP1010 and EKC01.

Card from brayer-cleanup: 

What I learned is that I mostly like to use a little bit of ink (as with paint) on the plate, rather than a lot, as it creates a more transparent print.
I still have a lot of beautiful backgrounds to be used in near future. 

So, now you have a go yourselves, just have a play! It's so fun to explore new techniques, especially when a product hasn't been on the market for that long.
I like the chalky effect of the inks; you have to learn to take advantage of that. They behave very different to other inks.

I must admit... I made a long list of possibilties, like heat embossing or using structure paste and a stencil before pulling a print, or using other resist techniques.. but only got to cover a few of the possibilities.
My goal was to create a print on fabric, and make a book cover of it. I ended up somewhere else.. there will be a next time.. of course!

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I just started, so it will be filled with more in future. 

Ohh what a lot of fantastic ideas Ellie - that's the thing with gelli printing, once you hook onto an idea you end up testing the concept with variations, and  there is always something new to discover along the way!! I love all these with Oxide inks! Cannot wait to have a go myself! Thankyou! ~ Leandra

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Helen said...

wow, Ellie I love love love these!

Craftyfield said...

Gorgeous!!! I tried the D.O with mu Gelli plate but abandoned instantly when I saw all the "dots". Ellie's use of the inks turned out so beautiful and the cards' designs are fab.

laury55 said...

fantastic cards and technique...thanks for sharing

Lauren Hatwell said...

Absolutely gorgeous work Ellie. You got some really great results. Everything looks so beautiful. Lx

Seth said...

Love each and every one of these.

Ellie Knol said...

About the first project: I forgot to mention that I've used the Distress Oxide colors used on the print itself to stamp the foliage with... first the yellow, then the red, then the blue... and it turned out to be brownish, with all variations of the colors also.. clear heat embossed it at this stage. Works great! Thanks for your comments!

Words and Pictures said...

Lovely games with the Oxides and the Gelli plate, Ellie - so many ideas to try out. I love the first pair of cards especially (of course, with the wild flower!)... and I'm so interested to read in the comment above that you actually stamped in multiple colours to get that fabulous depth to the image. Thanks for sharing.
Alison x

Blog Dumper said...
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Etsuko said...

Lovely cards Ellie. The destress oxide inks always brings surprised results and you had many beautiful results. xx

Keren Baker said...

Love these- love the patterning you've created and I think you've convinced it's time to try monoprinting!! x

Susan Battensby said...

These are all lovely Ellie, must drag out my gelli plates again.

Vivian Foo said...

Great inspiration and the technique is great. Thanks for sharing.

Hazel Agnew said...

Wonderful experiments Ellie. Exciting and different. Love them all too. Xx

geezercrafter said...

Many thanks for the inspiration, must try the oxides on the gelli plate. Love all of your cards.

Miriam said...

Stunning results!! I need to try this!

Jackie PN said...

these cards are glorious! Such simplicity making such a big impression! Beautifully done!
Jackie xo

Jennie Atkinson said...

Fabulous Ellie - gorgeous colours and amazing and stunning designs with those stamps. Everyone so beautiful. Jennie x

Art By Wanda said...

These are gorgeous, Ellie!!!!