Tuesday 17 March 2015

Calling all #3UP - be quick!

Hi Everyone, Leandra here

It's time to get you, our blog followers involved in a round of #3UP...yes that means we are coming up for 1/3 of the way through the year!! How did that happen...{we say it every time!}

So as you know, each time we manage to conjure up a new idea for #3UP. Each night 3 blog followers get featured on this blogThis round is pretty easy, you will have everything you need to do this to hand.

For the April #3UP we ask of you 3 things:
1. Use the chosen colour scheme for your night.2. Make anything you like, but it must fit into one of the topics we have explored this semester.3. Submit 2-3 pictures and 2-3 sentences (that is ONE SENTENCE PER PICTURE) of the item you make, and email them to your designated 'curator' for the night you are allocated. The deadline is March 31st (ie JUST 2 weeks)
The colour schemes are:
(a) Slate/stone/concrete/ Green Lichen
(b) Banana, Bourgainvillea, Caribbean Sea, Tangerine Twist, Glass Blue, Purple Rain
(c) Got the Blues
(d) Purple, Yellow and a touch of blue
(e) Limelight, Mermaid, Candy Floss and Gold, with a tickle of Yellow Submarine
(f) Red, grey, white, black
NB. You DO NOT need to buy or use these colours of PA paint these are just a reference point. You can use any colour making products you wish.

To sign up...
1. Email Leandra at sales@paperartsy.co.uk
Please register for 2 colour choices of the above options, in order of preference. If you want to lucky dip , then say so and we will allocate you.

2. Tweet or DM Leandra (@paperartsy) on twitter with your 2 colour preferences.

You must sign up in the next 48 hours 
ie by 7pm Thursday 19th

What then....
We will contact you (by email or DM tweet) and confirm your colour scheme, and who your curator will be for your night. The curator will be who you send your images/ text to.

Keep shtummm...
Remember, #3UP is a surprise, so don't let on you are involved, it's so cool to see who comes up each night of the week, and what they have made.

errrr we DON'T have any!! .... Except the final deadline of March 31st.
You can use any colour methods, pens, inks, paints, sprays,  watercolours....
You just need to fit your project into one of the Topics we have explored this semester
- Fragile papers
- Shiny Things
- Paint
- Miniature Art
- Deconstruction
- Or you could explore the new topic of this coming Sunday night...

The week of #3UP Leandra will be in Paris, and Darcy will be in London, so this round, we have allocated a different curator for each evening to take care of the admin for the evening. 

Gillian will be the big blog boss during #3UP week.

We hope you can play along!


Helen said...

the 3up weeks are always such fun! might be hard to pick a fave colour scheme though!

Karin said...

This was so much the last time I joined, it really get the creative juices flowing.

Ruth said...

Ooh fabulous! Sounds a great 3UP! x

Karen Petitt said...

Sounds interesting - am going to check the archives as I have been having so much fun playing along with your topics and challenges! Karen x

Deborah Wainwright said...

I agree great fun to play along :) xx

Sandie said...

3UP are such fun and I love seeing all the amazing entries! Looking forward to this round :)

Kirsten said...

How exciting!

ionabunny said...

Sorry I missed this but it's crazy busy at the moment so I shall just sit back and see what everyone else comes up with. Hugz