Thursday 18 April 2013

Linda Cain #4 If I Had Wings Journal ....

"How about a Journal Page using Fresco Paints, Stamps, Ink and Pens?!?!?!  I love to keep going with pages, but you can stop any time with the layers when you like what you’ve created. Each to their own".

I started with a white journal page. White makes the colors brighter, especially when you’re using the {Translucent} FrescoPaint. The first layer is using {Opaque} Guacamole on one side and in 2 corners. ….thank you Leandra for that "Corner Corner Side" tip.  I edged them a bit with some Hey Pesto

 All the painting is done with Cut n Dry Foam squares. Then I added the {Translucent} colour Limelight going into the center. This really brightened it up. In the center I added some Beach Hut, also a {Translucent}. 

Now it gets fun. I used {Translucent} AutumnFire and Smoked Paprika. They let the colors shine through brighter than the {Opaque} paints. I wanted to brighten it up even more so I added Snowflake to the middle. Since it’s an {Opaque - high coverage}, it can cover up anything you’re not loving at the moment.  An eraser so to speak. 

Then I thought I’d try something gutsy, for me, I added some water to a sprayer with Little Black Dress and sprayed a few shots here and there. Then I ran the remaining mixture across the top of the page and let it drip down the page. It looks darker here before it dried. 

The next layer was using stencils. I laid the Numbers stencil in 3 places and added Baltic Blue and Inky Pool using the Cut n Foam squares. The Dots and Chicken Wire spots were added with Snowflake. There are little stars from the same stencil that I added with Pumpkin Soup that are hard to see, but they’re there somewhere.

The stamped images are placed where they have a lighter area and are compositionally pleasing. This is usually the hardest part in the decision making process. I used the Lady, the phrase “If I Had Wings” and the Fancy Edge from the Vintage Ink and the Dog 10


The Size 2 stamp in the corner is from ID 08

and the Winged Lady in the upper corner is from ID 05

 The Fancy Flourish is from Hot Picks 1007

These were all stamped using Jet Black Archival Ink. (See finished project for placement.)
I wanted to add some lighter elements, so I used Mermaid and a pencil eraser to add light blue dots all around the page. 

Then I used my white pen and black pen to highlight and frame some of the elements on the page. 

I also added some freehand writing to the side. 

The finishing touches are adding a bit more color to the stamped images with colored markers and a few little stamps with Coffee Archival Ink. I used Minis 22 and 27 to fill in bare spots. 

Mini 22

Mini 27

Like I said, you can stop whenever you want, or keep on going. The choice is yours!!!

So, this is the end of my tenure. I’ve enjoyed this more than you will ever know. It’s opened new doors for me in the Mixed Media world by using these AMAZING Fresco Paints and the gorgeous stamps I’ve drooled over for years!!!!! I couldn’t be happier, except to have to say good-bye. Many, many, thanks to Gillian and Leandra.  They’re such wonderful people to work with…sorry for any blunders I made along the way. I’ll continue to post and use these products ... and order the new ones soon!

Be Well and Be Good to Each Other…..Your Friend in ART,

Leandra Says:You sure know how to go out with a bang! It been an absolute pleasure to see you work with our products, and put your distinctive, creative twist on everything you do. Thank you so much for joining us! I think you have a whole bunch of UK fans who would love you to come and teach over here sometime! The door's always open! xx

Gillian Says: Bravo Linda, what a finale. It's been a real pleasure getting to know you over the last few months and to share in your "creative process". Your projects have been awesome. Look forward to the continued posts using PA goodies. YES you must come teach!!!!


Helen said...

using Sam's trick of only looking at the pics tonight! This is gorgeous, Linda, I love it... it's been so much fun seeing you working with Leandra's fabulous products.Thank you.

sam21ski said...

OMG - WOW!!!!!!!!!!

This is my favourite piece of the week, you've definitely saved the very best for last (IMO).

Sam xxx

Michelle Webb said...

Oh I love a good journal page Linda, this is amazing, I'm loving all those discrete stamped layers you got in there. Then the doodling and the highlighting is brilliant. It's been awesome looking at what you've been doing for PaperArtsy, loads of inspiring projects. I'll be hopping over to your blog to see what you'll be up to soon. Michelle xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda what a finale piece ! So much to see and I so admire your bravery with the black spray ! Sue C x

Alison said...

Wow! This is awesome Linda! My journal has been sadly neglected lately, now I'm inspired!
Alison xxx

Lin said...

Wow Linda this is a great page...have loved all your projects...thanks for joining us!! xx

PaperArtsy said...

stunning stunning what you do, how you do it. Its totes amazeballs, uber-brill!

There are simply not fantastic enough adjectives to describe how thrilled I am that you could be part of the blog this semester.

You, and all the other Guest Designers have shared so many fun ways to use stamps, paints, crackly, crunchy, metal card and more! Its been a blast!

We miss you already!!!

Leandra xx

Netrix said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing

Steven said...

Lov it! Thanks for sharing. Not to self "don't be frightened of that blank page just go for it"

Kezzy said...

Wow I can't believe it's the end, you truly have inspired me. I never thought I would be good adding white and black pens but because of you and your inspiration I have produced so many creations that I'm proud to have in my living room saying I did this. I would definitely come if you ever get to teach over here. I have a brand new journal that I bought 2 years ago after today's amazing journal page I think I now feel confident to have a go. Happy Crafting :-) Kezzy xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic page! Spritzing the black on top of the colours was a great idea & the stamping& stencilling looks terrific.

Baroque duJour said...

you have totally inspired me and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of your blogs, thank you so much

Words and Pictures said...

Fantabulous layers and colours - what an astounding finale!
Alison x

Julie Lee said...

A glorious end to a really, really exciting and inspiring week. Please, please do come to the UK to teach and inspire. Julie x.

Dawn Louise said...

Fabulous card, easy to recreate and still plenty of detail for lots of interest. love it, fresh too x

Trish said...

Wow, what an amazing page! So many fun, exciting, beautiful layers. I am in awe.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration, I have loved all your projects.
You have a very definite fan here!

Cocofolies said...

So stunning and fabulous again Wowwwww!!! Love, love, love your style and this arty page again ! I'm really sad because I missed time this week to try to do someting inspired by one of your great projects. But of course, I keep preciously the step-by-step tutorials for a latter occasion. Thanks. Coco x

Gillian .... said...

Amazing finale and certainly a huge fav of mine Linda. Love Love Love your bravery with colour and the amount of layers you achieve within a project. Thank you so much for sharing your love of PaperArtsy goodies with us all, we are sure gonna miss you.

The U.K awaits you :) xx

krcmasterpiece said...

Wow! Love seeing you work with different products Linda.
I'll have to try some of the fresco paints.

Your piece turned out beautiful!

ionabunny said...

Uhhhh..WOW. A bit dumbstruck by your finale. What a wow creation. Thanks for sharing. I'll be checking in at your blog to see what you are creating.

Linda M. Cain said...

Thanks everyone, you make my day!!!

Big Hugs,


Deli-аrt said...

You have a very interesting blog!!!!

I look to him with delight and inspiration!
Please install the gadget "translator."
I understand only in Russian :-))
You have a wonderful and simple master klassy. Bolshoe thanks!

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Miriam said...

Stunning work - I love your composition and teh colours that you have used. Every time I try to be this adventuraous it ends up looking like a muddy puddle!!!

Claudine said...

So many wonderful layers and so much to look at. It's very pleasing to the eye. I love it!

craftinka said...

I love the colours, layers and dimentions, thanks very much for the inspiration. :)

Unknown said...

That's right up my street! Gorgeous! X

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, a stunning piece of work, I love it!

Minxy said...

Oh My Word! Talk about a jam packed page, so many layers that all work beautifully together, Stunning!

Marijane said...

Boo-hoo... I don't want it to be your last day! I so look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next using Paper Artsy stamps. Thank goodness I have your blog to follow and can continue to get great ideas and great tutorials to go with them. Thanks!

Linda M. Cain said...

I'm sad too Marijane...but maybe I'll show up again when you least expect it! Thanks so much for playing along.

Deli-аrt said...

cheers!!! thanks!!! :-)))