Sunday, 30 October 2011

Coming to the NEC soon....

How is your weekend going??

Well we are busy little bees getting ready to bring you lots of gorgeous goodies and demos to the NEC HobbyCrafts Show next weekend...a nice long weekend, because it's a Thursday to Sunday show..... so do you wanna see what we are bringing????

I thought you might....

As you know, we recently released HP1106, HP1107, HP1108, HP1109, HP1110, and  HP1111.

These stamps have a lovely classic, quirky PaperArtsy feel to them. Lots of unique elements, and fun ideas.  A real steampunk vibe, which I adore, and is so useful for those more masculine things you need to make for the blokes in your lives. We will have a nice sample with us at the show of how we used these at the recent ArtsyCrafts event. Plus of course I will be demoing with them throughout the weekend.
And we also very recently released a collection of stamps with Lynne Perrella. Lynne is an iconic, hilarious, amazing and creativity-enabling art goddess who has so much experience in the world of mixed-media creativity. Of course we are totally thrilled and honoured to bring to market her first new stamp release in many years since she owned and operated her inimitable stamp company Acey Deucy. The outing at the NEC will be their first proper public airing by us and I will be demoing them all weekend I am sure! Many of you will remember her Acey Deucy line, well these are very much reminiscent of that genre, and of course look fabulous stamped over stunning backgrounds that we all love to create with ink paint and more....Please note, all of Lynne's stamp sets are only available on EZ-mount foam, not unmounted.

But before I move away from new stamps, we have snuck in a couple of brand new additions to the PaperArtsy Hot Pick family.... 

First up is our second 'stamp and die' set. Featuring a series of very useful slide mounts. I remember back in the day sourcing original Kodachrome slides to re-cycle to make cool frames for altered art purposes. So with this set, you get your own die to cut a slide-mount from card, metal card, paper or whatever you wish to die cut... and 6 PaperArtsy stamps to stamp over the die cut shape. Loving that idea! It's a great way to embellish a card, layout, or mixed media creation, and fun to make each slide-mount a little different with stamping images on top. 
As with all our 'Stamp and Die' sets, the stamps come on EZ mount foam ready to cling to acrylic blocks, and re-store back on the laminated index sheet provided.

We also have a cool halloween plate....I know Halloween is literally right upon us already, but if you like this kind of style, the elements may have some year round potential...or you can always get mega organised for next halloween!
Next up in the new products department...paint.... Fresco Chalk-finish acrylic paints to be exact. As you are aware...development of these has gone thru more than a few hiccups along the way, but they are so worth the I speak we are furiously bottling, painting labels and getting as many colours ready as is physically possible. We expect to have 10-12 of the new 27 colours... they will all be online over the next 2-3 weeks as they arrive here and get bottled. 
Here is an idea of what is to come, although the colours on screen are not exactly how they look in real life, but it gives you an idea. We have turquoise blues, zesty citrus, and olive greens, plus eggplant. 

On twitter the other night, we had a bit of a giggle playing a bit of a game. I named the paint colour, and followers tried to describe it to me....they got hang of describing the paint quite cheekily, and a few descriptions of the evening are quoted was entertaining...until Nikki and Mark lowered the tone!
London Bus - @netrix "red like a bliddy London Bus wots got the number 38 on it...not sure bout the reg tho" and @gillianSimson stated the obvious "London Bus Red". @DeeParamour flashed some creative writing brilliance with "little girls lips on a frosty morning" we almost called it post box red, but IRL it has a nice orange warmth to the red, this is going to be perfect for mixing other colours from...

InkyPool - @pinkhairedelf got in quickly again with "creative literary pool of blues swirled with blacks and shadows" which shut up a few players....and @gilliansimson again got closer with "turquoise/blue with deeper tones" , and @isisArts "bruise blue" was getting close too but @toonkat63 was the closest with "a warm bluey turquoisey shade"

Mermaid - after agreeing this is a fab paint name, figuring if the colour was green based or blue based was the initial @miriamgrazier suggested silvery greeny blue , @jeangenie1 "aquatic",  @nikkyhall1 gave a load of suggestions, many raised eyebrows "white bread mould" but "aqua/iceburg blue/teal" was pretty close, and again the @pinkhairedelf blew the rest out of the water with"a shimmery illusion of turquoise blues and sea magic greens" 

After a Thames Mud diversion we didn't need ...we went onto 

Limelight - which was a hole in one to @netrix "so limelight- is that a vivid fresh limegreen with lemon sherbet mixed in all zingy like?" Yes it is Jill, you nailed it! (not pictured above though)

Well that little game took us about an hour to recover from, but it was a lot of fun. Yhanks to all for playing along. Some of the colours shown above are: London Bus, Smoked Paprika, Zesty Zing, Muddy Wellies, Hyde Park, Hey Pesto, Inky Pool, Beach Hut, Mermaid, Eggplant. 

Lastly, fingers crossed, if the UPS man makes it to us in time, we will have a new colouring product that has not been sold here before. Great for making fast backgrounds, great through stencils, and really easy to are a few samples I knocked up in an hour or so yesterday. At the moment it looks like these babies might not be with us till Friday at the show, but you never know! Beautiful bright shades...affordable price...more will be revealed when it gets here!
Of course on top of this, we will have all the usual bits and bobs, loads of PaperArtsy Stamps plus an awesome show offer on all Tim Holtz Ideology products and Stamps.

And where are we? Stand C05 Walk in the main doors of the show, turn left, and aisle C is the first on your right hand stand.

Hope to see you there! 


Helen said...

Loving your new stamp/die set - I have loads of those frames I bought to craft with and haven't used yet, lol! Also love the Halloween set - think it must appeal to my somewhat macarbre mood at present... and the colours are fab - you must have waited for me to go to bed before you played that game as I didn't notice it going on!!

Sid said...

Loving trhe new stamps !! Have a gre4at show !!

Candy C said...

Wow! Love the new stamps. They are amazing designs!

humel said...

Ack! Wish I could be there! I'll be entertaining my in-laws instead...

Crafty Loops said...

Wow, I love the new stamps. I hope you have a great time at the NEC. Its such a shame you dont come to the King's Hall, Belfast, I'd have a field day at your stall. Lee xx

Gillian .... said...

Oooooo loving the Halloween set and of course my much beloved Fresco Paints, compiling a list for my fairy shopper:)

Julia Dunnit said...

Well you've done it at last. Read my mind from miles and no communication. Brilliant. Everything looks fab of course, but the slide mounts thing is JUST what I wanted. For ever, but didn't know.

steph martin said...

Love the new paint colours. The slide mounts look really cool. The colouring product looks v intriguing.

Lesley said...

The paints!!!! I need them!! The new colours are just scrummy!! I CAN'T wait!!

Alison said...

I NEED those new paints now!!! Gorgeous bright colours! Love the slide mount stamps & die too. Fab samples! So, are you going to bring your wonderful products to Ally Pally now Lin is retiring? PLEASE!!! xxx

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