Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A {Big} Thankyou

Well to say we were surprised just doesn't quite cover it really! Amazed, blown away, gob-smacked...the list of adjectives still doesn't even come close!
 On Monday, Lin decided late in the afternoon to come down to PA World HQ to watch and be an extra pair of hands as the bookings came in for the ArtsyCrafts event with Tim Holtz.    but not to be left out, and with eyes sparkling....Queen Linda E asked to come, and so did our MVK (most valuable kitter-upperer) Karen ask too...YES COME ON DOWN, we said....Let's have a party!!! And so Jo Firth-Young was informed of the evening's plans and so she joined in (Essex Lynn was ...again...on holiday, so she missed out - sure she's having fun in Cuba, or Bangkok or wherever she is - we can't keep up).

Watching the clock, we counted down a bit like New Year's eve and the madness kicked off, well its like a mad house here 99% of the time anyway, but by the end of the night Linda E was yelling at Mr PA (Mark) to pull finger and sort the printer out.... and various other quips ...just to keep him in line of course......actually...I should probably have recorded them as audio boos then I could play them to Mark every time he gets out of line!!
So I need to say thankyou. Thankyou to all the PA HQ helpers - our ArtsyCrafts team is fantastic, we all enjoy each other's company soooo much, they are a delight to be with - and ever so slightly mad.

Thank you to all the people trying to book the event, for playing by the rules and not putting more than 2 tickets in the basket, thankyou for recognising that the website was under pressure and was groaning along like some old fashioned steamp-punked antiquity, but being patient anyway, thank you for ringing up all excited about your tickets, thankyou for not yelling at us while waiting for confirmation, and thankyou for supporting this event, and of course thank you to Tim Holtz for agreeing to come to teach a totally fab, looooong master-class like no other he has done here before. We are chuffed to bits. We are amazed to say we have people not only people coming from England, but also from France, Holland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia and the USA. How utterly fantastic is that!

We feel honoured, excited and thrilled to be able to bring you such as wonderful event. I saw a totally on the button comment on Kaz's blog this morning from another Linda:

I'm excited for you - I just met and took classes from Lord Tim in Ohio this summer. Even as AWESOME as you think he and the class is gonna be's BETTER than that! TOTALLY COOL, if I had the $ I'd fly to UK to take the class - you are one lucky princess. And Mario is just as cute, sweet and kind as he can be!!!!!!!!!

...and boy is she right. A Tim class is special, You will have your expectations totally exceeded. A whole lot of loveliness happens in Tim's classes that you just are never quite prepared for. Plus there is the small matter of a totally hilarious class with Lin and I and all our weird and wonderful terminology .... that is a bonus that we will enjoy, and I know you will too!
I'd just like to finish by saying our website cart providers are very sorry for the problems you experienced at checkout. We spoke to the boss at length, and he said they should have set us up on our own server for the booking period. I am also sorry to the other 200 shops hosted on the same server who also experienced really bad access to their shops for the 40 odd minutes it took for you guys to snaffle up those spaces in class. Lucky we weren't hosted on one of the many other servers that has 600 shops sharing space.

Now I am off to offer a few places that have become available to peeps on the wait list. Next week, when I have all the spreadsheets tickety-boo, and the lists 'final' I will email everyone. I have another surprise for you ALL that you will LOVE. not sayin now. But it's a bonus that you should be pleased to get. That is all I am saying.

Come join me on twitter @paperartsy for evenings of slightly looney chatter - my way to wind down...

Leandra (and Lin and the team)


humel said...

No, thank YOU!! I totally appreciate your hard work, patience and sense of humour throughout such a busy and frenetic time. Dealing with all us panicky, desperate and obsessed customers can't have been easy! And thank you so much for organising this in the first place, I still can't quite believe it's happening! Finally, although all my focus has been on Tim (I'm going to a Tim Holtz workshop, wooooo hoooooo!!!) I'm also really excited to learn from the two of you, that is such a bonus xx

Kathyk said...

I didn't even realise there was a wait list so I bet I'm even too late for that - awesome! Well done to anyone who gets a space this way too.


Mariannes gjenbruk said...

I was so lucky to get a ticket ;-) I can`t wait untill february!!! This is going to be so much fun - even so I am traveling alone from Norway - but you guys are nice - right?!!

rach said...

Can I echo humel - The THANK YOU is for you and your team working really hard and getting this for us in the UK.

steph martin said...

Huuuuuuuuuuuuge thanks from me to you Leandra, Lin and all your very hardworking team. Thanks for bringing us Tim and your 2 hour session with Lin will make the day extra special.
Can't wait to learn what our extra surprise is.

Siobhan Brignull said...

Leandra, am designing my stalker outfit ready for Feb, am thinking of coming down and making a mini break of it by staying two nights, wo t do you say we get a party going, LOL

PaperArtsy said...

A party? The whole event is gonna be one big one will be dressed quite like you tho i expect! but you and i could go and do a dodgy karaoke in the pub next door if you like!

Artyjen said...

Thanks for all your efforts...I'm totally thrilled to be coming!! :)
xoxo Sioux

Kaz Hall said...

Hi leandra

First of all thankyou and your amazing team you have made alot of ladies and gentlemen very happy!! I feel like charlie in the film willy wonka, just cause I have my hands on a golden ticket which is priceless!! Secondly thanks for the link i managed to faint when I realised Mario had tweeted my little ole blog OMG!!! and thirdly thanks to humel for sticking with me on here on monday night to have someone else who was frantically punched the keyboard made it all worth while! I am truely thankful and just a tincey bit EXCITED cannot wait to meet you all hugs


Rachael Mitchell said...

Thank you PA and Lb for all your hardwork organizing this, it is amazing. I couldt beleive my luck when mark rang. Its going to be a ball. Hope Tims ready for us!

humel said...

Hey Kaz, it was fun :-) (I can say that now lol 'cos we both got in!) Pity we're there on different days, would have been lovely to meet you! xx

Sarah A said...

Well done to the whole team, it is amazing that you all pulled together and made this event possible!

I was gutted that I was working on a late shift that night so couldn't get on line to book, thought about pulling a sicky but we were short staffed on the ward boohoo! Never mind, next time I wil try and change my shift to coincide with tickets going live, hope there will be a next time lol

Anyway, all you people who were lucky enough to get tickets say HI to Tim from me and make sure you share what you learn with us poor bloggers who weren't so lucky.
Sarah x

Sarah Somerset said...

Wow I can't believe people are travelling so far. I now feel truely special that I have a ticket. AND other surprise, you guys are just amazing, thank you x

ChristyR said...

Thank you! I got a ticket and the whole process was amazing. Thank you for taking the time to answer my emails during a crazy day. I am beyond excited for my first Tim Holtz class and can't wait to make some international friends. =)

Linda Brun said...

THANK YOU!.I'm really looking forward to a weekend in february in the UK along with my friend Eva. We are so fortunate and lucky to get hold of the tickets for the friday late class. Can't wait to meet you all.... Hugs Linda ( Norway )

Susi in Italy said...

Well what more can I say ... a huge thank you to all the team who did so well with us worldwide panicing and keyboard stomping customers, all trying to realise a dream!!
After we got the card thingy sorted ( thanks Mark) I called Magda in Milan and blasted her eardum then did a happy dance to the neighbour's disgust ( we live in a flat), then it hit me ...
just need to book my tickets and then it'll be bye bye Italy and hello UK yeah two weeks of visiting with family near MK, Trade Show in B'ham, a super fabby class with TH da man himself AND two hours of Lin and Leandra.., all in company of dear friend and business partner Magda ( and hubby's paying!!!) .. what more could I ask.
Thank you for all your hard work .. am so looking forward to meeting you all and making new crafty friends .
More happy dancing .. sorry neighbours.
.. I don't do karaoke and it's been a 5 years since I had a drink in a pub, so .....

Joanne said...

This is all new to me as although a Tim fanatic I have never been amongst so many uber talented folk anywhere. What do I mean, well, I managed to book my ticket, (a great big thank you for the work you have put in to organise Tim's class) but have heard comments that only really talented crafters and shop owners will be there. Well, I'm neither but know I shall have the very best time of my life and could cry at the utter thrill I know I am in for. Roll on February. Thanks again.
Luv Joanne xx

PaperArtsy said...

Hi Joanne

Lin, Tim and I all teach our classes in such a way that they are appropriate for all people. New, experienced or in betweeners! Lin and I are very conscious that the metal thing may be a whole new bag for many, so we are keeping that in mind. Tim could teach an emu to craft: he is very calm, relaxed, super supportive and helpful. You will have a blast! I have done the sign ups and we have lots of very excited newbies. You'll be fine!

Chocolate Fudge Cake said...

Thanks for the reassurance Leandra, I was beginning to get a bit nervous myself like Joanne. However my excitement at being lucky enough to secure these tickets which for alot of us will be once in a lifetime, has overridden my nerves (however I couldn't sleep that night after finding out I had definately got the tickets!)

Thank you so much for organising this amazing event and I look forward to meeting you all there.
Anne x
P.S. sounds liek you all had a fun evening at PA HQ too.

humel said...

Gosh, I'm glad I hadn't heard any such rumours - only really talented crafters and craft shop owners? That would count me right out!! I'm relieved that it'll be low pressure :-)

I just wanted to check please about the email you mentioned? I didn't receive one yet, and besides being very intrigued about the extra surprise, I still can't quite believe that I got a place so not getting the email is making me worry again that maybe I imagined the whole thing!!

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