Thursday 22 July 2010

Hot Pick 1008

The new Hot Pick for August has been steadily heading out of PaperArtsy World HQ to shops in the last 2 weeks. Many have quickly nabbed the new Hot Pick which we officially release on August 1st on

You're going to love this one I think, because it has 2 new dies to match it. The flower dies are really popular, and so here we created 2 more, GrungerFlowers 2 and 3 to match the stamps on the new August Hot Pick plate: small script, and Clock collage.
These flower bellies are made from tissue sprayed with Dy's Altered originals sprays (I was lucky enough to receive a gift the other week with those in...mmmmm. Nice vibrant shades) So I sprayed some white tissue with Lime, Sky Blue and Jade, die cut about 8 layers in one go, then over-stamped each layer with the stamp from HP1008. Then I lightly crumpled them and secured with a small dot of glossy accents onto a tag. I sent Dy a thankyou gift back and this was how it looked.
The tag on the present features some of the other images from HP1008 (above)

It's also good to know that the larger of these 2 flower dies is the same size as the small flower stamp from HP1004, remember this one from April!
Oh I guess I should show you the new stamp set too here is HP1008!
So get your Local Stamp store to make sure they order these if they haven't already!

Have a great weekend, it's nearly here and more warm weather ahead!!



Unknown said...

These are my new favourites ... but I am still in LOVE with the flourish off the first one!
The PA thing was a dream ... but WHAT A DREAM! ... with me in it :0)

jan metcalf said...

Great release!

Anonymous said...

Love the Hot Pick line a lot. It`s a pleasure to use these stamps.

Netty said...

Just love these stamps, but then I love all Paper Artsy products. Annette

Unknown said...

I think I'm a bit of a PaperArtsy junkie (or should that be groupie)!

Been having a bit of a dry spell though so haven't even gotten round to using the last hot pick. Will def be ordering these when I get a minute :)

Alix said...

oooh i really like the look of've done it again!
*wanders off to check state of piggy bank* ;0)

Siobhan Brignull said...

ooh like the twiggy bits and the feather, might buy them even after your comments on my WOYWW this week, Ill have you know I can be tidy if I try, and lucky you getting those inks as a gift, I love them they are on my desk permanently at the mo so easy to reach, just to let you know not received my selection of goop yet, I know you posted it to me. . . . you remember instead of a party pig!!! and i need nails tons of them

Sid said...

These are really super Leandra. Must go and get all !!

Sid said...

Just love these new stamps and the dies are fab !!

steph martin said...

love these new stamps :)

md said...

waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, que du beau bravo super top