Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Deep Breath - WOYWW Virgin

Not sure if I have been hanging round Linda E and Jo F-Y too much in recent days, but I somehow feel compelled to share with you what's on one of my desks. (Fingers Crossed I'll get it right) (That just sounds like I'm showing off) But the sad thruth is that my 'real' desk is missing in the portacabin that is supposed to be my art space, but somehow turned into a storage I actually can't even get to my desk. I think its over there in the corner somewhere, but I haven't seen it for about 18 months! I hope I manage to follow Julie's instructions correctly about how to play along!

Not sure if this is stretching the rules or not, but I do have lots of other 'desks' that I do craft related stuff at/ on everyday here at PaperArtsy HQ, so kind of thought you might find that more interesting!

I promise I will endeavour to actually show you my desk one day, as Jo F-Y and I have big plans for the portacabin this summer, maybe we'll do a 'before' and 'after' thing at some point...but for now you will see my workshop desks. Deal?? 

So what IS on my desk??? 

This shiny new Epsom printer...its a bit of a long story, but the semi-edited version is we decided to change the packaging method, process, index sheets and bags for all of our stamp collections late last year. Since then Mark (OH/ Mr PA) and I have been debating (read: arguing) over how to do this. He insisted it could only be done with a big grandaddy of an Epsom printer that would cost in excess of a monkey (Essex speak for 500 quid) and once we found out using it to print frequently onto laminated card was going to immediately void the warranty that was a deffo "No chance Lance!!" (this is a common down-under phrase - In English you would say 'have a laugh') . So we had a stalemate for sometime until 'he' found another solution.

My blinding (if i say so myself) idea to go full colour, but still print the actual image onto the new backing cards (beautifully designed by Mr PA) was the bomb, except for the minor problem that we hadn't figured out how to actually print onto these gorgeous new babies that had already arrived from the printers. Kinf of cart before the horse situation!! Our reasonably expensive business HP was not really up to the job because the new laminated index card was too thick, and to slippery to be picked up by the roller, then it was too stiff to bend to go round the roller, and thus couldn't get back out the same side it went into the printer in the first place!. [ I feel at this point that i am losing you...Ok I'll cut to the chase]

Long story short, new printer does the job because it's a straight thru feed, and after a cunning 'Mr PA' modification we are also able to use compatible inks (we could have spent over 600quid just on branded ink in the last week if we had not got a printer that can use compatible inks). And yes i know, I can hear what you are thinking.... we have once again voided the warraty just right there, but it was such a cheap printer, that if we blow up one every 2 months it still works out cheaper than the grandaddy. So I'm cool with that OK!

So what looked to you like a boring printer on my desk is actually a highly revered, respected and well adored addition to PA HQ. The last several days she has been printing her little socks off to swap all the existing stock onto new index sheets and into fresh new baggies. So that little black beauty may just look like a boring printer to you, but OMG it is a total life saver and adored, very precious printer to us.!! And she was cheap...maybe we should call her Maureen!!  In fact i think we shall.

And this is what she has done for a few of the squiggly ink stamps.

BTW. If you are of a nosey disposition, then you should follow me on twitter (@paperartsy), as I post loads of piccies and snippets everyday/week about what is going on at PaperArtsy World HQ, (I am a much better twit than blogger). 

Thanks for dropping by.

Leandra (Mrs PA)



Paper and Ribbons said...

It gets quite addictive participating in WOYWW. I can appreciate the glory of having a printer that does exactly what you want without having to pay ££ in ink, the packaging looks fab!

Unknown said...

I neeeeed that printer ... not that I would know how to use it ... but I just paid 52 quid for some ink ... ouch!
The packaging certainly does look amazing ... and you are letting JoFY near your desk ... are you mad??? Have you seen the state of hers!!! :0)

kjjc said...

OMG it is all I can do to follow blogs let alone start twittering or tweeting or whatever it is one does these days. Lovely packaging tho' but is it that that is preventing us from spying the next HPs-not that I am tapping my fingers in excitement to see what goodies are about to hit the LSS. Hope you got 1/2 dozen of those printers.

Anonymous said...

Maureen's doing a great job! The new packaging looks fab Leandra! And yes, Beth & I had a brilliant weekend! This could get expensive, don't think I'll be able to come by myself ever again!! Looking forward to seeing your other desks!
Alison xx

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Mrs PA.. you are now officially obliged to join in every week! will be looking forward to seeing your real workdesk when you unbury it:)

Alisonw30 said...

Welcome to WOYWW, you will soon be addicted! I don't think it matters whether it is your 'real' desk or not, have a look at some of the others, there are all kinds of workspaces. Have a good week x

Helen said...

Welcome along, can't wait to see some more of your desks. Maureen is doing a great job with your printing!

Glen said...

Welcome to WOYWW Leandra. I#m with you on the 'where did I put my desk'! *Ü* Love the new printer and I am looking forward to seeing more of your luvverly creations. TFS. ~Glen~

Kay said...

Epson printers are, indeed, Da Bomb, but the ink is seriously expensive (and the whole print head thing is a nightmare when it clogs). I do love the new packaging though so it is deffo worth it. Have you looked into continuous inking systems? They seem to be a good solution for high ink usage... not sure how well they would work with the Epson print heads being on the cartridges though.

PaperArtsy said...

Kay-yep it is a continuous ink system, and waaaay cheaper. Already experienced the clog issue, but now sorted, and Mr PA is running a high quality photo through every day to keep all clear. So far all is well in the life of Maureen!

Spyder said...

Love those stamps Ionly have a couple and your printer is fabulous..mine is unwell at the moment!

Karen said...

hahaha your printer story reminds me of my hubby who just HAD to have a new A3 printer. He has used it once hahaha!!! But hey...well done on sorting it all out and I have to say that the packaging looks brilliant!!! Just love your stamps Leandra!!!

Great to see you joining in but be warned...its addictive hahaha XXX

G Peplow said...

Hi there Leandra, Oh dear I understand all about printers, they have minds of their own so be very careful how you handle Maureen....Love your stamps and looking forward to the craft Barn June weekend, will be watching you create, Yay good fun, xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Rulkes totally made up by me, totally followed Leandra - won't change 'em....because we don't mind which or where desk, jsut show and tell! Perfect WOYWW, I'd say. And sorry, can't do the twitter thing....I feel like 23rd century woman having a blog that uses an outside agency for links for god's sake!!

Tracey said...

I have enough technology with the printer I have already lol. OOOOO, love the stamps too. I never get round all the WOYWWer's so no chance twittering.

mckinkle said...

Well that was a good buy then!!

Keryn :)

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