Tuesday 30 December 2008

The end of 2008

As another year draws to a close, and a new one is ready to emerge, it's a time of reflection of what has been, and what is to come.

New beginnings and new experiences are a bit of a hit with me! I love trying new things, like food or crafting techniques, I also adore travelling to new places, and I certainly have done a LOT of that this year! In fact I kind of feel I need to probably slow down a little and try for more balance this year...I think I probably say that every year! LOL

Maybe this year we will have no choice about slowing down...the economy seems to be doing that for us all ...as a small business we try to be flexibile to adjust and react quickly to most situations, but it certainly is a more pressured and competitive environment as we work our way through these tough economic times.

I think that 2008 will be seen as a real landmark in the world's history. Becuase the world is such a small place these days, the economic trends have affected us all to some extent, no matter where we live.

We will continue to release new products, designs, techniques and ideas this year. It is interesting that "crafting products" was a top selling category for many high street retailers this Christmas. It makes sense that when people have less money to spend, they tend to spend more time in the home rather than out shopping, and crafting-related hobbies are satisfying, you can produce unique items for the home, gifts for friends, or create purely for your own creative pleasure.

We have plenty more squiggly ink designs ready to release in the New Year, as well as botanical and royal themes for the spring release. I am very excited about working with these new stamps. I already have some project sketched out to come to life once the stamps are born!

I hope that as 2009 draws near, you will also continue to be inspired by our ideas and designs. I want to thank you all for your valued support, and I wish you a happy, proseprous and fruitful 2009.

Leandra and Mark

PS. Special thansk to our wonderful Design Team who have continued to provide us with wonderful samples and ideas this year. Thanks to Isa Norris for this fabby 9-panel piece featured at the top of this post, where she has used lots of stamps from the Buttons series. We are going to miss her a lot this year - she and the family have just moved to Canada - good luck Isa!!


Isabelle Norris said...

hey! hello from Toronto!!
I'm just "across the pond", not far... lol
wishing you, Mark and the children all the best in the new year!!
I shall pop in and see you when I go to England in the summer (hopefully)
isa xxxx

Lynne said...

Thanks for all the inspiration and lovely products - look forward to seeing new designs and I hope you have a successful new year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the wonderfull techniques you showed on your blog.
Thanks a lot for all the inspiration.
I wish you all the best in the New Year, Margriet

DF - Heidi said...

good luck in 2009 your gonna do great how could you not with such great products on offer and great inspiration for us