Wednesday 21 May 2008

Last call for competition

I was away in The Netherlands teaching at Art Journey on May 9/10, and then this weekend just gone I was at LB Crafts near Milton Keanes, England. What a wonderful time I had at both stores.

One of the classes was called 'Through the Arches' - a small book based on a submission from one of our down under Design Team members Linda Baldock. You can see what she did here . At LB Crafts we turned this into a full day class with lots of embellishments using Ten Seconds Studio metal, and decorating the went from a little book , to a fat book! But oh what fun!

I have been trying to upload photos of this project for the last hour, but no luck. My connection must be dropping out, we are wireless and it happens occasionally.

While I was away these last 2 weekends, loads of people were talking to me about the "Big Fat PaperArtsy Competition". Everyone is very excited to see who the winner will be......and boy have we got the tough end of the job here..... choosing.....just can it be possible......???

Technically everyone has until midnight tonight to get their entries in, this is a last call reminder, and some more pics of all that is amazing to show you...will be coming later today as soon as I can sort out this connection issue.....

Good luck everyone, the winner will be announced tomorrow 22nd May!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Leandra,
Followed your workshops at Art journey and I totally loved it!
Learned all new different techniques and loved all the workshops!
So thank you for a great day!!

Gr Jeanet