Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Baked Beans...

OK here is an entry in the spirit of our competition. Original uses of PaperArtsy Stamps. We received these yesterday.They are decorated baked bean tins! Here's a quote from the artist...

"The strangest thing I have stamped on so far are ..... baked bean tins!
Please don't Beanalise me for my poor photography!!! Can I enter as many times as I like? If I can get OH while he is sleeping I could cover him in stamps like an all over body tattoo!"

Bring it on that's what we say. Let your imagination run wild!

Get your entries in you have until May 21st to have a chance to
get your hands on a full set of PaperArtsy Minis


Andrea said...

these are fantastic and would make great holders for our crafty pens, they are brilliant

Isabelle Norris said...

absolutely brilliant !! love those !

Lesley said...

Great use for bean cans!!

Unknown said...

I am chuffed to see my work on your blog - Thank you for making my day X

A View from PaperArtsy HQ

A View from PaperArtsy HQ

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A View from PaperArtsy HQ

A View from PaperArtsy HQ