Wednesday, 17 July 2019

2019 #11 Retro Colour Palettes: Notebook with ECF {by Anneke de Clerck}

2019 Topic 11: Retro Colour Palettes

With an almost icecream pastel palette,  Anneke has created a beautiful bead bound retro notebook with lovely layering of stencilled and stamped images.

Hi everyone, it's Anneke with you today, and I'd like to share with you a notebook I made for the "Retro Colour Palettes" topic. I folded a cover out of watercolour paper and used stamps and stencils to decorate the cover. Usually I'm stamping and stencilling on a coloured background but this time I started building up layers on a white background. 

When closed, the booklet measures 21 cm x 12 cm.

I looked for a retro colour palette on the internet. I found a lot of inspiration at The Shutterstock blog. After choosing a colour combination I looked through my paints to find likely colours. I have a large collection of Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics so it wasn't difficult to find the right colours :) 
I ended up working with Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics Autumn Fire, Mustard Pickle, Surf's Up, Koala, Eggshell, Lake Wanaka, and Cherry Blossom.

The stamps I used on this project are from the ECF 06 set only.

I started with a sheet of watercolour paper, sized 39 cm X 21 cm. I made fold marks at 5/17/19,5/22 and 34 cm. I folded the cover as shown.

I started by applying a coat of gesso to the cover. Next I stamped leaves and text from the ECF 06 stamp set on tissue paper using Archival Ink Jet Black. After cutting out I glued the prints on the cover with Matte Medium. I added a layer of Fresco Finish Snowflake on top.

I continued building up layers. I sponged with Fresco Finish Lake Wanaka through the PS126 stencil to create flowers.

I did the large grey dots with the PS132 stencil and Fresco Finish Koala. I stamped pink leaves using Fresco Finish Cherry Blossom

I stamped the yellow branches with Fresco Finish Mustard Pickle. For the dots & text I used Archival Ink Tiger Lily. The blue circles were done with a lid and Fresco Finish Surf's Up. The small dots were stamped with the eraser at the top of a pencil using Fresco Finish Eggshell.

I decorated the front cover with a set of leaves. I used Fresco Finish Surf's Up, Autumn Fire, Mustard Pickle, Lake Wanaka and Cherry Blossom to stamp the leaves.


I folded two signatures out of regular copy paper. I'm planning to use this book to take notes and write down ideas when I'm on the go.

I made 5 holes into the signatures and into both parts of the spine and made pamphlet stitches to attach the signatures to the cover. I sewed in a manner the stitches ended up at the inside and I alternated between both signatures.

While sewing I added beads to decorate the spine.

I painted the inside of the cover plain pink using Fresco Finish Cherry Blossom..

I really enjoyed this colour challenge. It forced me to work with colours that I usually don't work with but I'm very happy with how this colour combination turned out. I would recommend you to pick a retro colour palette that speaks to you and give this challenge a go.
I would love to see what you come up with!


  1. Beautiful effects with those colours and stamps, Anneke!

  2. Lovely book, the pearl in the spine is a great detail too.

  3. What a beautiful book, lovely colours, the bead-binding is gorgeous and the cover is fantastic !! Enny

  4. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tis is gorgeous , Anneke . Love all the layers of colour and stamping and how all the layers can be seen due to the well thought out design . The bead threaded spine is so effective .
    Wonderful creativity . x

  6. Love your notebook Anneke, the colour combo you chose is gorgeous and I love the beaded binding, I would love to try this sometime. 😍

  7. I love everything about this !
    Corrie x