Wednesday 30 January 2019

2019 #1 Mustard and Twilight with EAB/ESC {by Carol Fox}

2019 Topic 1: Mustard

Carol has created a tactile tag full of detail that cleverly shows how sticking to a limited palette of paint creates many coordinating shades of colour. Her fab tip about sewing over Grunge Paste is one I'm definitely storing away to try later.

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Hi everyone, it's Carol with you today, and I'd like to share with you a project using some of the lovely new stamps by Scrapcosy. Add in a quote from Alison Bomber and it's a win, win really.

I used only two colours of paint and white which gave me great contrasts and due to the way I applied the paint I even got a little bit of texture on my background. I finished with a touch of Grunge Paste to make it even more bumpy, and ended up with a nice textured piece. I do like art that makes you want to touch and feel it.

My Tag is #10 sized and I covered a basic tag with Heavy Weight Smoothy Card and I only used the colours Mustard PickleTwilight and Snowflake on my tag, mixing these in different ways gave me a large enough colour palette to work with.

By applying my paint onto a piece of Deli paper first and then lightly pouncing that onto my tag to apply the paint.(this is a technique I learnt at at a Seth Apter Class) I got some nice texture on my background. 

I stamped my focal image using ESC17 by ScrapCosy onto my piece of Deli Paper that I used to apply my paint, this would save me having to fussy the image too much.

Here you can see it glued down. The already coloured Deli Paper is so thin that it lets it blend into the background and the uncut background pieces don't show.

Using my paint through stencil PS124 adds extra depth and a light dab of Twilight mixed with the Mustard Pickle makes it darker and slightly murky looking. Edging with white pen makes it pop off the background and stops it getting lost. The addition of the cowslip from the same stamp set stamped directly onto my tag in blue ink blends it all together with my focal image.

I used Grunge Paste coloured With Mustard Pickle paint through stencil PS052, with Twilight Paint smudged over the top.

This quote from Alison Bombers Stamp Set EAB02 seemed perfect for my tag with the varying shades of mustard/blue and green created by my  two colours of paint Mustard Pickle and Twilight.

My carefully arranged "random" stitching adds an extra little something to the tag and I think just finishes it off. Grunge paste is easy to stitch through; it doesn't crack or flake off which some other products do.

I like using Deli paper instead of tissue to add an image to a project as it is a lot more robust but also blends as well as tissue into your background, If you want to stamp and fussy cut an image it handles paint well if you want to colour the reverse. You can also get it really wet with multi medium to glue it in place. I instead used Pritt stick as the pens I used to colour my image were water soluble so Multi Medium would have given me a smudgy mess.  I liked the way I did  not have to fussy cut my image too much and could leave all the  enclosed areas uncut and not even go round the outer edges too finely. This is not a product/technique I have used a great deal, but a group of friends I regularly craft with used it recently on a project we did and I thought I would try it out again here, and yes it's a "keeper".

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Carol x


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  1. This is beautiful Carol - love the colour combo along with the wonderful vintage feel of the stamps.

  2. I really loved this tag- it suits Scrapcosy’s stamps so well and makes me wish I could do vintage style!! xx

  3. Deli paper is now on my list....Gorgeous tag and such wonderful shades with the limited colour palette. Thank you for the fabulous inspiration x.

  4. Beautifully detailed tag, love it!

  5. This is gorgeous, carol, i love the complementary colours you havr created,

    Lucy x

  6. This is beautiful Carol, and thanks for the tip about the deli paper - mine is sadly neglected x

  7. Such a beautiful tag!! Great idea using the deli paper to avoid fussy cutting the flower! 😘😘