Saturday 22 April 2017

2017 #6 Resin and UTEE Notebook {by Darcy Wilkinson}

2017 Topic 6: Resin/UTEE

Good evening everyone, Darcy here with a quick and easy notebook cover. I love UTEE, but I am sure like many of you, my tubs have sat neglected in a drawer for years. This was a great excuse to dig them out, I also wanted to try resin again, having only played with it once before. 

I began by stamping all over some white tissue using various EDY stamps, I wasn't sure which to use, not how much resin I had left, so I stamped a few pieces so they were ready should I need them. 

In the end I only had enough resin for one, this one features the stamps from EDY19.

I mixed up the resin and scraped it all over the tissue, making sure it was well covered, this was then put aside to dry for a couple of hours. 

In the meantime I made these corner embellishments using UTEE and a silicone mould. I used 2 colours, Mermaid and Pewter, and did not mix them much as I wanted a random effect. 

Once the resin covered tissue was fully dry it was mush stronger with an almost plastic type coating, though the back was still fragile. To fully sandwich the tissue, and to add more interest I used Glossy accents to stick the resin piece onto a sheet of Prima Salvage scrapbook paper. 

I love how the pattern of the scrapbook paper shows through the tissue and resin. 

Now all I had to do was assemble some pages into the cover and add the corner embellishments. 

I stitched some sketchbook paper into the cover using black crochet cotton. 

Finally glueing on the corner using Glossy Accents. 

They turned out really well, and look super metallic. 

If I had used metal corner they would have been too heavy for the notebook, making the covers bend over, but these are really light and as you can see the book stands just find without collapsing under their weight. 

It was so quick to make, the drying time of the resin and the heating of the UTEE were the only time consuming elements. I will definitely try this again, perhaps with coloured card or patterned paper underneath the tissue/resin layer. 

Hope that has inspired you to have a go and paint some resin onto tissue paper. 


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  1. This is beautiful Darcy! the corners look fabulous over the cover

  2. I love that! The patterned paper underneath gives great depth to the stamped tissue paper.

  3. That's so cool - love how you can see the layers.
    Alison x

  4. Totally gorgeous Darcy - great project!

  5. I do love the layered look you have achieved Darcy. Such a versatile medium UTEE and so underrated. Wish I had had the time to join in with this challenge. Thank you for sharing.. Hugs Traceyx

  6. Thanks everyone, if I had more resin I would have stamped another couple of layers with resin between them and really built up some depth, but only had enough for one layer of resin. I think some really interesting effects could be achieved with multinlayers, some just stamping, maybe some colour and maybe some trapped bits of text added in.

  7. I love this project Darcy, especially the resin tissue! I like the sound of your ideas to develop this further too.

    Lesley Xx

  8. The effect achieved from the layer is fab Darcy and
    I think your idea of more layers really needs to be explored.
    The Utee corners are fab too. X

  9. What a gorgeous effect. Love how oh can see different layers. I've always wanted to experiment with resin- maybe this a good time. Love the corner embellishments too- a great idea!

  10. This notebook is absolutely fantastic. Love every detail about it. I get very inspired by these wonderful designers. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  11. Great cover and notebook, I love your association and layering of your beautiful images with this Prima sheet! And your use of UTEE in complement to build the corners is genius.
    Thanks for the step-by-step images, fantastic. Coco xx

  12. Fabulous book cover Darcy, those corners are great idea and beautiful! xx

  13. This is fascinating, really unusual. I wish the challenge was going on longer i have totally run out of time,

    Lucy x