Wednesday, 18 October 2017

2017 #15 Pearlescent: Pearly Bits with ESN {by Autumn Clark}

2017 Topic 15: Pearlescent

Autumn Clark is back today to share a lovely blog post making pearly backgrounds. She has opted to create some painterly combinations using metallic shades with Opaques to create bespoke pearlescent paints - very interesting!
Hello PaperArtsy Blog followers, it's Autumn Clark here, sharing with you a post on faux mother of pearl backgrounds. 

What a great challenge to experiment with this old, beloved stamping technique once again.  As a true Southern American girl, the love of pearly things is part of my heritage!  As a lover of stamping, making backgrounds is a favorite pastime.

I was curious to see how combining Fresco Chalk Acrylic Paint (White Fire) and (Pewter) would work for my pearly background.  I pounced plastic cling wrap into my paints then lightly tapped my Smoothy card, air drying between colors.  I gave the card a light sponging of Antique Linen and Milled Lavender Distress Inks to create a slight color variation and aging.  I stamped my sentiment in Dusty Concord and then clear embossed.  The embossing powder clung to the paints and created such a beautiful effect, however so hard to capture on photograph.

I knew background stamping with the PaperArtsy E³ {Sara Naumann} from the Eclectica³ Collection (ESN17) would make a lovely frame for this panel. 

My plum palette was inspired by the latest home d├ęcor color trends. 

I applied Fresco Chalk Acrylic Paint (Amethyst) to an MDF photo frame, then tapped my Versmark ink pad onto the frame and covered with chunky purple embossing powder and heated.  I then stamped my leaves in gold pigment ink and heat set a second time to make a permanent finish.  The undercoat of paint shows through in areas, creating a lovely variegated effect.

To complete my gift set, I made a coordinating card.  I whipped up an inky background with Distress Ink and added more gold stamping.  This time stamping my sentiment onto plain Smoothy card, but layering with a sheet of mica.  

I couldn’t resist adding my favorite Christmas angel from the PaperArtsy {Lynne Perrella} Collection (LPC018) onto another pearly panel. 

The result was like a marble carving!  The mica complimented the faux mother of pearl background perfectly.  A few hole-less mother of pearl buttons brought it all together.

This was truly a delightful experience, both creating such a rich background effect with the Fresco Chalk Acrylic Paints and also over-stamping these lovely leaves onto embossing powder.  I hope you will give this a go and find the techniques to be as equally rewarding.  Why not make up some Christmas gift sets of your own?  Your loved ones will thank you!

Your background certainly does look like marble! I love how simple the idea is, yet so very effective! The embossing powders add such a luxurious feel to your creations! Beautiful! ~ Leandra

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Monday, 16 October 2017

2017 #15 Pearlescent: Star-Hanging with ETS {by Chris Cresswell}

2017 Topic 15: Pearlescent

Chris is going star-crazy in this post with lots of layers and bling to create some bright and cheerful'll see!

Hi everyone, it's Chris Cresswell from with you today, and I'd like to share with you a Christmas wall-hanging. 

Christmas projects are such fun to make as its a great excuse to get out all those pearlescent and glittery products we store around the house for just such an occasion. Now, PaperArtsy do not produce pearlescent paint (but they do have a pearlescent glaze) so I had to think of various different ways I could weave-in other pearly products for this particular challenge. So, what did I come up with?

As soon as I saw Tracy Scott's new Christmas stamps I knew that I was going to make something 3-dimensional. They just cry out for layering on mini canvases, Christmas wrapping paper and gift boxes and, of course, Christmas decorations.

I adore Tracy's stamp sets as they are perfect for art journaling. However, I felt that these new Christmas images would fit perfectly on top of a journalled background. The designs are simple so they can be layered up, stamped over, doodled on, and are easily cut out.

I found the large, MDF stars during a visit to Port Sunlight Stamp show and knew I had the perfect substrate for my wall-hanging. Once I'd applied a layer of gesso, I chose the PA Fresco chalk paint colours I needed to create an art journal background on each of the five stars. I have posted a step-by-step of this process on my blog. 

As you can see, I used quite a few colours before I was happy with the blending. I made good use of Tracy's limited paints set (FFTS1). I love the Prawn and the Jade is to die for... you can see in the tiny stars on here! The Fresco Chalk paints I've used here are: Captain Peacock, Jade, Southern Skies, Baltic Blue and Snowflake. I used several stencils on these backgrounds from my stash including two favourite PA stencils, one old: PSO21 and one new: PS070, but I deliberately left the backgrounds flat and not too busy as I wanted the stamped images on top to be prominent. 

Now it was time to introduce pearlescents!

I grabbed some pearlescent paint colours from my stash (again more details on my blog) and blended them across some PaperArtsy Smoothy 240gms card. This card takes so many paint mediums beautifully. Its not easy to reveal the true shine these pearlescent paints create so I'm afraid you'll just have to take my word for it! Pearlescent papers used to cost such a lot and now we can make our own. Next, it was just a matter of stamping all over the papers. 
TIP: Another way to achieve a similar effect is to use Fresco Chalk paints onto your card, then apply a layer of Fresco Pearlescent Glaze over the top of the matte paint, they tadaa - pearly fresco paints!

It's lovely how the open images each catch a rainbow of colour. The next step was to arrange the cut-out stamped images across each of the star backgrounds. After some juggling, I decided on tone-on-tone rather than contrasting one colour on top of the other, although that had been my original plan - it just looked better. 

They are so festive layered up. Although I had inked up the edges, I also applied black gel pen around each image to help them come forward. Now they just needed some final bling!

For the 'spots', I mixed some Golden Modelling paste with a little acrylic glaze (further details on my blog). I now think I should have used Golden's Gloss heavy gel for extra shine but the glaze works quite well to provide a pearlescent sheen. For the mini stars, I added Ranger's Liquid Pearls. I've actually used 'Lavendar Lace' but it looks quite silvery in the photos doesn't it? I also dotted some 'White Opal' in various places too. I didn't have a red colour in the Liquid Pearls so I added some bought pearlised  gems from The Hobby House instead. I linked the stars together using some Tim Holtz Ideology chain links and  Voila! It's ready to hang up!

I usually leave all my Christmas crafting until the very last minute and have been known to be still making gift tags well into the early hours of Christmas morning - I kid you not! But, making this cute wall-hanging and my cards from the previous challenge, I am well into the Christmas spirit now and ready to make more. I'm going to use all the left-over stamped images to make my own wrapping paper and gift boxes next. I think the stars will make a super banner for across the mantelpiece or around a large mirror; and the baubles will make lovely tree decorations... well, as you can see, I'm well away. I hope I've encouraged you to start early on your own cards and decorations this year! Until next time...

Facebook: Chris Cresswell
Twitter: artmadnana
Instagram: artmadnana
Pinterest: Chris Cresswell

It's great how Chris shares her makes with us, it is often the little details in the finishing touches that can make all the difference, and she gets 'star of the class' on this pearly challenge!

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

2017 Topic 15: Pearlescent {Intro and Challenge}

 2017 Topic 15: Pearlescent

Well hello everyone, Darcy here. As we near the end of the year and the festive season we increasingly see shimmer and sparkle. This week we have another shimmery topic for you in the form of pearls. 

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 14: Glitter Challenge...

The winner is: Carol Plume from Krafty Pieces

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

Pearls are a natural beauty, and have been collected and used in jewellery throughout history. Before cultured pearls the trade in natural pearls was huge, they have such an ancient history, officially the world's oldest gem, they often have myths and legends associated. 

Today, natural pearls are very rare and as such they fetch huge prices, recently a pair of natural pearl earrings sold for 3.3 million dollars!

In the 1900's the technique of cultured pearls was invented which resulted in much lower prices. 

There are many beautiful colours of pearls, from white, cream, silvery pinks, to golden hues , oranges and coral reds, dark blues and blacks. In your projects for this topic you can be inspired by any of the pearl colours. Not all pearls are round, the ones below are called 'baroque' pearls, this means that they are an irregular shape. 

So how have pearls been used in art, or how have they inspired art? Going back to Egypt, mother of pearl was used to decorate buildings, clothing and jewellery, but pearls have been used throughout history.  For this topic we are looking at the colours of pearls and also the lustre of pearls. 

Pearlescence differs from metallic in that metallic colours are sharp and bright, pearly colours have more of a milky appearance. You might have also heard the word iridescence, this is when colours appear prismatic, like a rainbow. Think of a bubble or a patch of oil, when the light catches it you see the rainbows, this is iridescence. What we are looking for here is the gentle sheen or soft glow of pearls, this is known as lustre. 

Here is a video from the V&A to inspire you. Click here 

Here we have carved buttons, these are not pearls but Abalone, however they still have that pearly, milky appearance. 

Here you can see polymer clay that has had texture added and then beautifully coloured, possibly with mica pigments, the colours are soft and have that pearly appearance. Don't you think the colours work brilliantly over the black. 

Randee M Ketzel
This brooch is not made from pearls, it is in fact resin, however it has the pearly colour and also lustre. 

Kath Marwood
Now for a bathroom backsplash, again this is not pearl, but instead it is Aquamarine and Quartz glass, but look how the light catches the mosaic pieces, they have that same lustre as pearls. 

This picture shows some of the possible colour variations that you could use in your artwork, these are the lighter shades of pearly colours. 

Colour Pallettes
These are more beachy tones, but you can see how these too fit in with the natural colours of pearls. 

But this topic is not all about colour, to really have that pearly appearance we need the lustre, and what better way to achieve that than to use PaperArtsy Pearl glaze.

This card uses Infusions and Pearl Glaze to add a lovely sheen to these feathers. It packs less punch than the metallic glaze, but is perfect for when you need just a soft pearly sheen added to your work. 

Here Julie Ann has added Pearl Glaze to artifacts that she keeps in her bathroom, what a wonderful way to add a little twinkle to these clay pieces and shells.  

For a lovely delicate shimmer Kay Carley has added Pearl Glaze over her painted cosmos flowers and the word box on this clay heart.

A great way to add lustre is with Pearl-Ex powders, here they have been swirled inside a Christmas bauble. 

This time, perfect pearls on die cuts, note again how well they work over a black substrate. 

Rebecca Morris
Pearly substrates can be bought ready to use, how about using pearlescent card and scrapbook papers, this works especially well if you have a wedding card to make. 

Other wonderful shimmery products are the sprays by Lindys Stamp Gang, here is a great video showing how to create a shimmery crumpled paper. 

Look at this stunning Art Nouveau collection, the lustre is just so dreamy, how could you recreate this? perhaps paint on some pearl glaze or swirl some pearl powder inside a wine bottle?

The Anderson Collection
I love this painted stone, a lovely little gift, or for centre pieces on a wedding table, at a christening, or just in a softly decorated room. This has pearly colours, the lustre and also pearl beads added. 

Do you have any liquid pearls? I am sure that you do, all mixed in with your stickles just like me. Get those little bottles of shimmery goodness out and add some little dots to a card just like this one. Unlike stickles which are full on glittery, the liquid pearls are more subtle. 

Lisa Addesa
One last photo, I could not write about pearls without including a photo of the Pearly kings and Queens, if you do not know about this age old tradition then you can read about it HERE. 


So go now and have some shimmery fun, be inspired by the beauty of pearls. Whether you use pearl buttons or beads, or you are inspired by pearly colours or it is the shimmery lustre that attracts you, have fun and show us what you have made. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! 
I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

2017 #14 Glitter: Vintage Black Sparkle with Minis {by Debs Wainwright}

2017 Topic 14: Glitter

Tonight we have a striking clean Vintage idea from Debs. I love her painterly soft layer, and the black sparkle is perfect for that Vintage vibe this image evokes.

Hi everyone, Debs with you today, sharing a quick card using Glitter Embossing Powder. I do love a bit of sparkle, but seem to have moved away from it in my crafting of late. So playing with glitter  was really going back to my roots and early card making.

I chose to go Vintage with is card as you wouldn't normally see sparkle and vintage together and I wanted to see if it could work, which I think it did!

I wanted to keep the card quite simple to act as a contrast to the feature as I felt it would get lost if everything was too busy.

I used this old background card that I had lying around as I loved the colours and stencilling but felt it was too bright for what I wanted, so brayed on some Chalk Fresco Paint to knock it back. I loved how it still showed through. I loved it even more once I added some script. from Mini 61.

I played around with different colours of the Sparkle Embossing Powder but ended up going for the black as I found there was not enough contrast by using lighter values of colour. it all looked too bland.

I so loved how this looks with the texture of the glitter, but of course its difficult to get a clear image of the sparkle close up, as it  distorts the focus as it sparkles. 
This stamp is available in 3 sizes, as a small mini MN09 , a credit card sized stamp
Medium size in the A6 (quarter plate) Ink and the Dog range One Penny Plate 2

 Or larger A5, half sheet size in the Vintage Ink and the Dog Collection VID02

As the powder is so heavy it filled in the gaps where the writing actually is, on the feature stamp Mini 09, so you have to be prepared for that if you use this method. I actually liked it as I felt it didn't distract from the overall affect, and again although not planned didn't overload the image. The birthday sentiment is from EM18.

I hope I have inspired you to dust off your Glitter Embossing Powders or just your plain glitter to have a play. Glitter isn't just for Christmas it can be used in many different projects to enhance your feature or add it  to some script to make it pop.

Take care everyone,
Hugs Debs xxx

You can see more of my work on my blog

I am Teaching at 
Handmade at Helen's on the 21st October 
Tullie House Carlisle 4th November
That background is a fabulous layer for the glittery girl to sit on, and black was a wonderful choice to offer just the right amount of sparkle! Beautiful Debs! ~ Leandra

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